General Method

How do I make stuff fast?

Well, I’ve taken a leaf out of the fast food chains book.  It’s all about the processes.   Minimizing input and maximizing out put.  So we want to do things as efficiently as possible. Check out the tools page so you know what I’m talking about as I walk you through what I’ve found to be the most efficient way of making healthy baked goods for my family.

STEP 1 – Turn on the cup-cake maker and spray it with bran spray.

This makes sure that your cupcake maker is hot and ready to go once you have mixed up your ingredients.

STEP 2 – Throw the wet ingredients into the bullet blender and blend them.

Every recipe comes with a list of wet and dry ingredients, which can be easily measured out by weight using your scales.    The recipes have been modified so that you don’t have to bother creaming together butter and sugar.  In most cases, the butter has been replaced with virgin olive oil, making it healthier with less animal fat.

STEP 3 – Throw the dry ingredients into the bowl and mix them.

Like the wet ingredients, you save time by measuring the dry ingredients straight into the bowl using the scales.   Additional time is saved because you don’t have to find your measuring cups, or wash them afterwards!

STEP 4 – Mix the wet and dry ingredients together and place dollops into the cupcake maker.

Using the teaspoon and dessert or soup spoon, place dollops of your mixture into your hot cupcake maker.   Check them after 5 minutes.. some of the denser recipes need a few more minutes to brown.

STEP 5 – remove the muffins/cakes from the cupcake maker.

Time to eat what you have made!  Yum!

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